Cocoon: A Computational Design Workshop

This 3-day workshop in Department of Architecture in METU includes but not limited to crash courses on computational design steamed by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), collaborative working environment, and unlimited coffee. The tools shown in the workshop will help students complete the assignments in groups.

The international team of tutors will provide technical assistance and lead all individual projects from the initial idea to the scripting, drawing, modeling and fabrication processes. In addition to the tutorials, there will be lectures given by the visiting tutors and organizers to engage discussion on topics of digital design and fabrication.


A cocoon is your personal space which enables your rejuvenation for you to be ready to face your surrounding world. A cocoon is not only a protective shell but also is also a space for morphogenesis helping you to move from one state to another. You are expected to design your own cocoon for your next state of yourself.


The final assignment of the workshop will be produced and fabricated for an exhibition to be held on the 27th of September at the Faculty of Architecture at METU, Ankara. The student presentations will be held at 1:30 pm followed by a cocktail party and exhibition at 3:00 pm.


Arzu Gönenç Sorguç // METU
Soner Yıldırım // METU
Fırat Özgenel // METU
Müge Kruşa Yemişcioğlu // METU
Fatih Küçüksubaşı // METU
Orkun Sönmez // METU
Ernesto Antonini // UNIBO
Luigi Bartolomei // UNIBO
Nicolai Steino // AAU
Nis Ovesen // AAU


Registration is open to undergraduate architecture students of all experience levels. To apply, fill the application form at until September 14, 2018. Limited seats available!

For more information about the workshop and the project:

Legal Notice

This project has been carried out with a grant from the Government Commission which is one of the best education programmes of the Erasmus + Programme and carried out by the Republic of Turkey Ministry For EU Affairs, Center for EU Education and Youth Programme (Turkish National Agency). However, the neither Turkish National Agency nor the European Commission cannot be held responsible for the opinions expressed herein.