Archisteam Workshop [UNIBO]


Students have been invited to propose an idea to make evident the state boundaries between Italy and San Marino Republic. San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world, both in terms of area (520 sqkm) and population (33400 inhab.). As the Vatican See, the Serenissima Republic of San Marino is a totally independent inter-state in the Italian territory.


Ernesto Antonini // UNIBO
Luigi Bartolomei // UNIBO
Arzu Gönenç Sorguç // METU
Soner Yıldırım // METU
Çağlar Fırat Özgenel // METU
Müge Kruşa Yemişcioğlu // METU
Fatih Küçüksubaşı // METU
Orkun Sönmez // METU
Nicolai Steinø // AAU
Nis Ovesen // AAU

Legal Notice

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